Vol.2, No.2, 2001

Periodicals – LEBANESE SCIENCE JOURNAL Vol.2, No.2, 2001


Biological, Natural and Environmental Sciences

Seasonal and altitudinal effects on thermoregulation and semen quality variables of Awassi rams

Full paper (pdf)

Antimicrobial effects of the extracts of Hypericum thymifolium

Full paper (pdf)

The threonine requirement of starter male turkey poults

Full paper  (pdf)

Fundamental Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Elements for multi-criteria modeling of urban storm drainage network planning

Full paper (pdf)

Minimum lateral  reinforcement in reinforced concrete columns

Full paper (pdf)

Etude de l’alimentation par onduleurs de tension d’une machine synchrone mult-étoile

Full paper (pdf)

Stability of the zero solution of Volterra systems of the second kind difference equations

Full paper  (pdf)

A new approach in the Rayleigh – Schrödinger  perturbation theory for the rovibrational problem

Full paper (pdf)

Modelisation des turbines radiales de suralimentation

Full paper (pdf)

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