Vol. 21, No. 1, 2020

Periodicals – LEBANESE SCIENCE JOURNAL Vol. 21, No.1, 2020


Environmental, Agriculture and Food Sciences

Ecological and biological behaviour of nesting colony of Bubulcus ibis in north-western Algeria.
Full paper (pdf).

Impact of Renutrition Milk on the Improvement of Clinical Profile and Gut Microbiota of Malnourished Children.
Full paper (pdf)

Removal of Cibacet Blue (CB) by Adsorption onto an Algerian Red Slag.
Full paper (pdf)

Annotated Checklist of the Marine and Coastal Birds of Lebanon.
Full paper (pdf)

Potato Cyst Nematodes Globodera spp. in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon.
Full paper (pdf)

Basic Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Solvent Extraction of Molybdenum from Hydrochloric Acid Solutions with Tri-Octyl Phosphine Oxide: Comparison between Conventional and Microwave-Assisted Extraction Techniques.
Full paper (pdf)

Removal of heavy metals from an industrial effluent by synthesized zeolite: Case of Bounoura industrial zone.
Full paper (pdf)

Social and Economic Sciences

The Typological Classification of the Old Lebanese Churches in Koura, Batroun and Byblos, from the 8th Century to the 13th Century.
Full paper (pdf)

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