C. Amine, E. Eid , M. Lamotte

Structural studies of the exciplex type of tetracene/chrysene and tetracene/dibenzo(a,h)anthracene Full paper      (pdf)

I. Elloumi, M. Mnif, J. Dammak

L’entropie d’une acquisition scintigraphique: une méthode d’étude des collimateurs des caméras à scintillation Full paper      (pdf)

M. Korek

A new approach in the Rayleigh – Schrödinger  perturbation theory for the rovibrational problem Full paper       (pdf)

Y. Raffoul

Stability of the zero solution of Volterra systems of the second kind difference equations Full paper      (pdf)

N. Cheaito

Congruences modulo primes of the form p=2n+1 and applications to Fermat’s last theorem Full paper       (pdf)